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Welcome to my humble abode. I'm Charleste (yes, i'm a loser!)

This is the web site where I host projects I am currently working on in order to test (a) Linux / PHP / MySQL / Apache integration, and (b) remote deployment, et. al.

Here are some of the projects I've worked on. Before you judge, remember: these sites were developed for the INTENDED AUDIENCE. So, if the intended audience is a bunch of people who run Netscape 3.0 on old 386 machines running Win95, then the web site design/implementation is appropriate for that, just as when we expect our end users to all be running 3 gig processors with the latest and greatest Winblows OS and IE only and other such things. I do my very best so that ALL web sites I work with will function at the very least on the following platforms:

Tested Platforms
Operating Systems:
Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000, XP, and 2003
Linux (almost all flavors of GUI)
Mac OS 8.0 through X (10.4)
Web Browsers:
Netscape 3.0+
IE 3.0+
Firefox 1.0+
Lynx 2.7+
Safari 2.0+
These projects are a short listing of items that are accessible from the "outside" world:
Fort Collins TTC (a club)
ezWebStarter (a company)
Prize Gardens (a company)
Things I'm working with other people on (read: design of look-and-feel may not be mine).
EZ-DMS (a product)
EZ Data Systems (a company)